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I live in a rural, small town; beautiful Mount Forest, Ontario, Canada. Being raised on a farm, I know the value of hard work and dedication. With the rural environment and having to be hands on, I discovered that I enjoyed business, math, woodworking and drafting. Granted, I am not a self proclaimed engineer or craftsman, but I enjoy the creative aspects. These courses made me look at buildings in a new light. After I married a real estate agent, that changed my housing perspective yet again.

It is a beautiful process from start to finish. Whether you are completing site prep or installing light fixtures, from start to finish, your business is apart of this stunning development. Residential and commercial buildings need your expertise, and you need mine.

I went to college for Business Administration and after working in finance for a few years I decided to upgrade my accounting skills and work for myself, Bookkeeping. I have always had an eye for details in numbers and rarely turn down a chance to save money.

Saving money is a passion that never gets old for me. Let me apply my dedication and persistence to your business. 

Outsource your bookkeeping to me and spend your time better serving your clients, and doing the skilled labour you love.


  • Georgian College Bookkeeping Certificate

  • Georgian College Business Administration Advanced Diploma

  • QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor

  • HubDoc Certification Advanced Partner

  • CFIB Member

Contact me today for your free consultation!

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